What a fun and chill NYC City Hall wedding! It all started at The Highline where we did their portraits.

Trina and Kevin opted for a low key wedding. So they got ready at their apartment together and did the 5 minute walk to The Highline together. I met them there and started snapping from above once I saw them approaching. After about 30 minutes of portrait fun we hopped in a cab to get this NYC city hall wedding rolling.

At City Hall we met both of their parents and only had to wait about 15 minutes until their number got called. After getting the paperwork and waiting another 10 minutes along with other couples we got into the Chapel. A quick 5 minutes later and they were married! Basically 30 minutes after they stepped into City Hall the deed was done!

Now it was time for some quick portraits with their parents after which they went their merry way! Super chill day.

nyc_city_hall_wedding_002 nyc_city_hall_wedding_003 nyc_city_hall_wedding_004 nyc_city_hall_wedding_005 nyc_city_hall_wedding_006 nyc_city_hall_wedding_007 nyc_city_hall_wedding_008 nyc_city_hall_wedding_009 nyc_city_hall_wedding_010 nyc_city_hall_wedding_011 nyc_city_hall_wedding_012 nyc_city_hall_wedding_013 nyc_city_hall_wedding_014 nyc_city_hall_wedding_015 nyc_city_hall_wedding_016 nyc_city_hall_wedding_017 nyc_city_hall_wedding_018 nyc_city_hall_wedding_019 nyc_city_hall_wedding_020 nyc_city_hall_wedding_021 nyc_city_hall_wedding_022 nyc_city_hall_wedding_023 nyc_city_hall_wedding_024 nyc_city_hall_wedding_025 nyc_city_hall_wedding_026 nyc_city_hall_wedding_027 nyc_city_hall_wedding_028 nyc_city_hall_wedding_029 nyc_city_hall_wedding_030 nyc_city_hall_wedding_031 nyc_city_hall_wedding_032 nyc_city_hall_wedding_033 nyc_city_hall_wedding_034 nyc_city_hall_wedding_035 nyc_city_hall_wedding_036 nyc_city_hall_wedding_037 nyc_city_hall_wedding_038 nyc_city_hall_wedding_039 nyc_city_hall_wedding_040 nyc_city_hall_wedding_041 nyc_city_hall_wedding_042 nyc_city_hall_wedding_043 nyc_city_hall_wedding_044 nyc_city_hall_wedding_045 nyc_city_hall_wedding_046 nyc_city_hall_wedding_047 nyc_city_hall_wedding_048

nyc_city_hall_wedding_049 nyc_city_hall_wedding_050 nyc_city_hall_wedding_051 nyc_city_hall_wedding_052 nyc_city_hall_wedding_053 nyc_city_hall_wedding_054 nyc_city_hall_wedding_055 nyc_city_hall_wedding_056 nyc_city_hall_wedding_057 nyc_city_hall_wedding_058 nyc_city_hall_wedding_059

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations should you be planing a City Hall wedding as well.

If you’d like more info please contact me.

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.