XiaoLi and Dan had a New York City Hall elopement in January.

I met them at City Hall on a Friday at 8.30am. That’s when the NYC City Hall opens and it’s one of the best times to go on a Friday because that day is always very busy. So best to be in line early. We got out in just a little over an hour.

After they registered and were waiting for their number to be called we did their portraits. A quick 10 minutes later I went on doing what I do best. Just documenting and staying invisible as best as possible. Since it was January we stuck to doing pictures mostly inside but I did some quick ones outside to catch that natural light.

A beautiful day at the clerks office! Thank you XiaoLi and Dan. All the best!

I hope XioaLi and Dan’s City Hall Elopement and got some ideas and inspirations.

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