Blue Hill At Stone Barns Wedding

Blue Hill At Stone Barns

This Blue Hill At Stone Barns Wedding was so much fun! Mostly because I know the couple from college but also because of the venue.

Blue Hill has a restaurant in NYC and its Upstate New York farm is know by foodies because of Dan Barber. The amazing chef who has been featured in documentaries and been on TED.

When I heard thats where Mariel and Evan were getting married I was so excited for my crew meal. Definitely the best food I ever had at a wedding! More importantly though the barn and the farm are beautiful to photograph and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

I went to Emerson College with these two and spotted them throughout the years at their friends wedding that I happened to photograph. So I guess they naturally thought of me to capture them on their big day and I’m so happy they did! Loved being part of it.

Did I mention the food?! Well, since they didn’t want to miss out on that and just the general fun times of cocktail hour we did all the portraits before the ceremony. That way they could be free to mingle and eat right after they walked down the aisle.  They tied the knot in the courtyard under this giant tree and had the cocktail hour in the vegetable garden before moving inside for the reception.

This was just a perfect wedding and the staff was amazing. Made everything run smooth and made my job easy.

blue hill blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0065 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0064 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0063 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0062 Blue Hill At Stone Barns Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0059 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0057 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0055 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0053 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0052 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0051 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0050 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0049 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0048 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0047 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0046 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0045 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0044 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0043 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0042 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0041 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0040 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0039 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0038 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0037 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0035 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0034 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0032 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0031 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0030 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0029 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0027 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0026 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0025 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0024 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0023 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0022 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0021 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0020 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0019 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0018 Blue Hill At Stone Barns blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0016 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0015 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0014 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0013 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0012 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0011 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0010 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0009 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0008 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0007 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0006 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0005 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0004 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0003 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0002 blue_hill_at_stone_barns_wedding_0001

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.