SoHo Wedding

SoHo Wedding

Lindsay and Dave getting a little marriage advice during their fall wedding in SoHo. I love this photo. Sometimes you just gotta get lucky and I’m so glad I asked them to keep walking. I had my friend Liann follow me around all day to show you how all these photos get created. Check out the video.

I had such a blast photographing these two. We started in the gorgeous and super cool hotel  Soho Grand and walked over to their reception at the awesome Kittichai restaurant. Besides having a great inside space the hotel’s rooftop is amazing.

After doing their engagement session and getting to know them better I knew this was gonna be a super fun and chill wedding. These two are always smiling and Lindsay’s laugh is just infectious. I urger you to watch my video just to hear her laugh.

Enjoy the pics. There are a lot of them, most of them with a big smile!

SoHo Wedding

SoHo Wedding

I hope you enjoyed this SoHo Wedding and got some ideas and inspirations.

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