This Mehndi at Antuns By Minar was a great event to photograph!

Manile and Nahiyan are great clients and over the course of the weekend they really became friends. Nothing faces them and they are just so relaxed and fun to be around. I photographed the Nikkah the night before and their wedding the day after this event. So it was basically a fun filled 3 day weekend and I feel so lucky to have been able to document it for them!

More images to come from their wedding day sometime soon. So make sure to check back. Till then enjoy these colorful images!

mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0018 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0017 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0016 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0015 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0014 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0013 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0012 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0011 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0010 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0009 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0008 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0007 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0006 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0005 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0004 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0003 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0002 mehndi-at-antuns-by-minar_0001

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.