Montauk Elopement

Kiran and Isaac’s Montauk Elopement was gorgeous.

If you’re looking for beach sunsets and a beach wedding ceremony this is the wedding for you!

I met them at their hotel room that looked out onto the ocean and captured some getting ready pics. Kiran had just come back from a quick swim with her friend when I arrived and the mood was super chill. Just what you’d expect at a place like Montauk.

We went down to the beach for pictures of the two of them and got down there just in time for magic hour. We got them done quickly so that they could have their ceremony on the beach during the perfect light!

We caught the sunset for some last pictures. It was a magical evening!

I hope you enjoyed my couples elopement in Montauk and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planned for your wedding.