NYC City Hall Wedding

NYC City Hall wedding

 This NYC City Hall wedding started in Brooklyn at their apartment.

Isabella and Franz opted for a low key wedding. They got ready at their apartment together and I met them once they were all done. I snapped a few pictures there and then documented their travel to City Hall in Manhattan. We walked to their subway station, took the subway and walked some more. A great way to get some authentic and non posed photos!

At City Hall we met their family and friends. Many of them had flown in from Austria where both Isabelle and Franz grew up. We waited 30 minutes until their number got called. After getting the paperwork and waiting another 10 minutes along with other couples we got into the Chapel. The ceremony itself goes by in a flash, 3-5 minutes to be exact. All in all they were married one hour after they stepped into City Hall and it was all official.

Now it was time for some quick portraits with their family and friends and a few more of just the two of them! Afterwards they celebrated at their friends apartment in Tribeca.

Super chill day.

NYC City Hall wedding

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations should you be planing a City Hall wedding as well.

If you’d like more info please contact me.