Brooklyn Botanic Garden Proposal

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Proposal

Matt proposed to Tanya at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden during the Cherry Blossom Season. It was a busy day at the garden but Matt found a nice spot in the area we agreed to meet up at. I followed him discretely and took some photos before the he popped the question.

After a successful proposal a relieved Matt and a joyful Tanya happily walked around the garden. We explored and took photos for another hour.

I loved how her outfit perfectly matched the color scheme of the garden and the freshly sprung cherry blossoms! The weather couldn’t have been better for this beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden Proposal.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Proposal

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If you’re considering having your proposal photographed here are just some quick tips:

A. If possible scout out the location beforehand so you can figure out where you’d like to stand. There will be a lot going on in your head while you’re doing it so eliminating certain factors is helpful. Also, when you’re being photographed you want to make sure the spot you had in mind looks good in photos and doesn’t have a trash can or any other obstructions in it.

B. Some locations can get super busy so having a plan B is key.

C. Practice what you’d like to say. Even if it’s just a few words or couple sentences, it’s good to go over it a few times. For my own proposal I though I knew what I wanted to say and practiced but even then I forgot certain parts.

D.  Stay on your knees a little longer. This is the part that seems to be hardest among all the excitement. Some of my clients went down for one second which leaves little possibility for a good photo. Even just 5 seconds is helpful in getting a great shot.

But the best advise is: Have fun and don’t stress the small stuff!