Proposal On Top of the Rock | NYC Engagement

proposal on top of the rock

A proposal on Top of the Rock is one great way to start of the vacation! Dennis and Marije came to NYC from the Netherlands to start their 3 week USA road trip. She had no idea she would be going on this trip as a newly engaged couple!

Dennis and I communicated a few times and had come up with a plan A and B. Plan A was to propose with the Empire State building in the back and the spot was empty. During a weekday afternoon it’s usually possible to find a somewhat empty spot on the 67th Floor of the Rockefeller Center. In case it was crowded we would have found another less populated spot. Once people realize what’s happening they move out of the way and whenever possible I try to ask them to make some room before the couple arrives.

After Marije’s initial shock/surprise wore of we had a 30 minute session up on the roof and went down to street level for another hour of portraits. They love Broadway and had tickets for Aladdin later in the evening. So naturally we took lots of photos in Times Square and the Theater District.

proposal on top of the rock

I hope this proposal on Top of the Rock sparked some inspiration.

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