When I tell people that I’m a wedding photographer they always ask if I like it and I respond with a big YES!

Why? Well there are many reasons but the main one for me are the emotions. Throughout the day the bride and groom and their families go through all kinds of emotions: nervousness, excitement, laughter, crying, etc.

During the Ceremonies all of those come together and I love capturing them all!

This is a collection of all my favorites. It was a thrill going through the images and putting this blog post together. Definitely brought me back!

I just feel so lucky that I have been able to witness all these different traditions and rituals. On top of that I’ve been blessed to visit so many different venues and places. From the traditional church to the backyard country wedding, and been to Mexico and back.

Hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Wow! You made it all the way through! Congrats! Now throw out the tissues 😉

Thanks for checking out all these Wedding Ceremonies.