Loved this proposal on top of the Rockefeller Center!

Elisa and Fabio are fellow Germans who found me through the powers of the internet. They were looking for a photo session to document some of their time here.
A few days after booking Fabio e-mailed me and told me about his plan to propose. So this photo session turned into an engagement session!

For 15 minutes I took their photos on Top Of The Rock until I had them pose separately during which Fabio took out the ring. Surprise! After we were done at the Rockefeller Center we went down to City Hall area and bought a big balloon. Its something she saw on blogs and was inspired by. With balloon in hand we made our way onto the Brooklyn Bridge. By the time we crossed 30 minutes had past and the sun set which gave us a nice lit up skyline of NYC.

Love these guys and hope to see them in Germany someday.

Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_002 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_003 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_004 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_005 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_006 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_007 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_008 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_009 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_010 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_011 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_012 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_013 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_014 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_015 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_016 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_017

Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_018 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_019 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_020 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_021 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_022 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_023 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_024 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_025 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_026 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_027 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_028 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_029 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_030 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_031 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_032 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_033

Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_034 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_035 Rockefeller_Center_Proposal_036