Finding the right wedding dress can be difficult.

I had a few clients tell me that they actually were inspired from photos they saw of my brides. So I thought it would be fun and informative if I shared what my client’s wore on their wedding day. The dresses vary widely. From traditional to cocktail. From wedding dresses you can get lost in and dresses you can jump with. Colors from white to red. Also, there have been a few that were handmade, re-used or transformed.

I have photographed over 100 brides so hopefully you’ll get some wedding dress ideas from them. When I asked some of my past brides how they found their dress a lot of them said they researched on the web or looked at magazines first before going into the bridal salon. When they went into the store they had some ideas and were able to tell them what they were looking for. For sure good to know your criteria as not to get overwhelmed.

It can definitely be very different seeing a photo of a dress you think you like and actually wearing it but I think its good to get some ideas first. Like what style and brands you like. When Jade went to try on different options she says that the lady “surprisingly picked a dress that was not at all what I thought I wanted but meets all my criteria and it was perfect. I just knew it was the one.”

So there is surely a great benefit of going to try on lots of different dresses you hadn’t thought of at a place where people have the expertise.

The bridal stores in NYC that clients shared with me they found their dress at are: Kleinfeld, David’s Bridal. If you have recommendations for bridal stores please share in the comment section.

Have fun looking through all these photos and hopefully it will put you one step further to finding The ONE! (well, hopefully you found the one but best of luck with finding the dress)

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