This Brooklyn Botanic Garden Photoshoot took place during the Cherry Blossom season.

Those vibrant colors made for some great photos. It also meant it was packed. We were able to find some spots where it was less crowded for their photo session though.

Loved exploring the garden with Jade and Dwayne for an hour. I’m really happy that we got to capture the stunning cherry blossoms.

Hope to do many more sessions at the Garden, especially since I live right by it.

If you’d like to see photos from the Sakura Matsuri festival just head on over to my tumblr page.

brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0020 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0019 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0018 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0017 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0016 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0015 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0014 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0013 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0012 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0011 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0010 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0009 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0008 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0007 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0006 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0005 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0004

brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0003 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0002 brooklyn_botanic_garden_photoshoot__0001

I hope you enjoyed this Brooklyn Botanic Garden photoshoot and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.