What a fun NYC elopement!

These two came all the way from Scotland to get married and brought their family and friends along. They chose to have their ceremony in Central Park at the Ladies Pavilion. When I met them at the park I was greeted by sounds of bagpipes and people in traditional kilts. I knew then I was in for a great wedding!

After the ceremony we did photos around the park with family and friends. Then my couple and I went to some NYC hotspots for about one hour. First we headed to the Flat Iron building by train. Then back on the train to Times Square. Along the way the bride and groom kept being stopped for pictures. Not by me but by people from the street. They were true show stoppers!

Once we were done at Times Square we walked to their venue by foot. They met everyone for cocktails on Top of the Strand which has great views of NYC. Once it was time for food they went downstairs where they continued the night at the restaurant of The Strand Hotel.

Another super fun wedding. Love being a tour guide and photographer all at once!


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I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.