Wedding Albums are a great way of preserving the memory of that special day. Its great to get have all your images on a DVD so you can print them whenever but by talking to clients I found that at the end of the day thats where they reside. Maybe a handful get printed and framed but I believe there is nothing better than having something tangible; something you can pick up and relive that big day through.

I recently started using Iris Books and absolutely love them! The engravings are such a great feature. They have two different styles and dozens of different cover options and colors.

The smaller album is a flush album and the bigger one is a press book. The main difference are the pages. They are thicker in the flush mount and give you more of the traditional wedding album feel. The bigger album has thinner pages but also allows for more pages at the same price. 100 pages for the press book and 20 for the flush.

So its a trade of but whatever you end up choosing I can guarantee you’ll be happy with.

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