I recently had the enormous privilege to travel to New Zealand for this couples wedding.

I spent about 2 weeks down there and stayed in Auckland with them for one week. A few days before their wedding and a few days after I arrived we did their engagement photo session. We got up early in the morning to capture the beautiful morning light. Good thing we did because not one minute after we finished it started to rain. We took the photos around where they live. They actually take a ferry into Auckland every morning.

The wedding was amazing as well and I just had the best time down there. Katrina and Eru are not only the sweetest people but they’re also very funny. Both of their families made me feel so welcome and I really felt more like a guest than a photographer at the end of my time there.

After my great week up in Auckland with them I took the opportunity of having flown 20+ hours to New Zealand and explored this island for one week. A great trip and photos that I’ll share at some point as well as photos of their wedding.

A big thanks again to these two and congrats!

Kia Ora!

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