Central Park Proposal | Kathi and Sascha

central park proposal

Sascha’s Central Park Proposal to Kathi was a big success! She had no idea it was going to happen on their NYC vacation because he’d been so busy with work.

They came to New York from Germany and I had spoken with Sascha via Skype a couple times to come up with a plan. We had a few locations in mind and ultimately we decided on the big rock that overlooks Manhattan, right by the Wollman Rink.

Sascha had the day mapped out. Come from the Upper East side to the south east side of the park and walk around with Kathi. He texted me when they were getting close and having seen a photo of them I could spot them from far way. I took a few snaps and then waited for them to get close. Once he went down on his knee I went into photo overdrive to capture all the different emotions. The most amazing detail was that Sascha hired a singer who played their song! How amazing right? Proposal over a live soundtrack. It definitely took Kathi a minute to take it all in.

After that emotional rollercoaster we took on the city! Walked out of the park to numerous NYC landmarks including 5th avenue, New York Public Library, Bryant Park and Times Square.

We ended the session with the most iconic landmark. The Statue of Liberty. Battery Park is the most southern point of Manhattan with great views of the statue.

I hope you enjoyed my couples Central Park Proposal and Engagement Session.

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