New York City Hall Wedding – Britta and Martin

new york city hall wedding

Britta and Martin’s New York City Hall wedding was so joyful and full with unique touches.

They had their reception at Royal Palms Shuffleboard in Brooklyn! If you don’t know what shuffleboard is scroll down to the middle and you’ll see! Rest assured that their guests had an awesome time.

Everyone flew in from all over for their wedding. Britta is from Georgia and Martin is Swiss.¬† They had their family and friends come to NYC because they love the city and it’s diversity. I met them on a Friday at City Hall.¬†Fridays are the busiest there and that day it took almost 3 hours to go through which is more than average but they took it in stride and always had the biggest smiles on them.

Once we got out we headed up to Central Park for portraits and for lunch nearby. After a couple hours we reconvened in Brooklyn for their shuffleboard party. What an awesome day!

new york city hall wedding new york city hall Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations.

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