Rockefeller Center Engagement | Anna and Jesse

Rockefeller center engagement

Anna and Jesse flew in from Texas for their Rockefeller Center engagement.

Nothing, in my opinion, shows of New York City like the views from the Top of the Rock. You see the whole city stretched out all the way to the Statue of Liberty on one side and all of Central Park on the other. It’s epic!

If you’re interested in a photo session or just visiting this amazing rooftop I have all the details and some more details at the end.

I hope you enjoyed my couples Rockefeller Center Engagement Session.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

If you’re interested in a photo session on the Top of the Rock here is how it works. You by tickets a couple days in advance for a specific time period here. There are several entrances but I always try to meet my couples outside on 50th Street between Rockefeller Plaza and 6th Avenue. Less confusing and you don’t run the risk of getting lost inside the Rockefeller Building.

Depending on the day and time it will take between 10-20 minutes to make our way through security and up the elevator. There are several levels to see the city from once you get off the elevator. Don’t get distracted by the already amazing views through the windows but rather head up the escalator and another set of stairs for the ultimate unobstructed views from the top.

Just like that you can have amazing moments like Anna and Jesse. Pro tip is to go earlier in the day during the week for the least amount of people. The busiest times in my experience are weekend late afternoons right when the sun is about to set. But even then we can create amazing photos by taking them on the Central Park side because everyone is focused on the other side where the sun is setting. That’s exactly what we did for Jess and Ben.