Peristyle Wedding in Prospect Park

Prospect Park Wedding at the Peristyle

Shauna and Evan had a fantastic wedding at the Peristyle in Prospect Park.

They took advantage of the beautiful Peristyle. It provided lot’s of shade on a hot September weekend day. Everything was basically DIY. All the food and drinks came from different businesses around the Prospect Park area. Pastries were from Colson in Park Slope. The main food came from a food truck (Big D’s Grub) that was parked just down the street from the Peristyle.

I loved how some of their guests brought blankets and sat on the grass. Meanwhile others opted for the many tables and chairs under the Peristyle. A lot of kids were at the wedding and Shauna and Evan had made sure to provide plenty of entertainment for them. The main event besides the ceremony must have really been the piñata smashing! So much fun!

Really just a beautiful day in Prospect Park.

prospect park wedding at the Peristyle prospect park wedding at the Peristyle

I hope you enjoyed their Prospect Park Wedding and maybe even got some inspiration for your own celebration.

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