Coney Island Engagement Photo ShootConey Island Engagement Photo Shoot

Tiffany and Brandon decided on doing their Engagement photo shoot in Coney Island.

Coney Island is a great playground for a photographer! So many different backdrops you can place your couple in. From the colorful boardwalk with the various storefronts and games to the sandy beaches. In just one hour we can create photos for numerous occasions. That’s exactly what we did for Tiffany and Brandon.

We walked along the busy boardwalk, stopped for some games, did photos in front of a couple colorful walls and created some beautiful images on the beach. No matter how busy it gets I’m always able to find a spot where it looks like Coney Island was all ours alone. Other times it’s fun to have all the craziness in one photo.

I hope you enjoyed my couples Coney Island Engagement photo session.

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