Wow, what an amazing Central Park Winter Wonderland Engagement Session!

I had an incredible time photographing Emily and James during a minor snow storm. We initially thought it would just be a few flurries and opted not to reschedule.

I’m actually happy it really came down as that made for some incredible photos. The 3 of them (including their dog) were great sports and embraced theĀ storm and just had a good time playing in this winter wonderland!

Go Rangers šŸ™‚

central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0011 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0010 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0009 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0008 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0007 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0006 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0005 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0004 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0003 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0002 central-park-winter-wonderland-engagement_0001

I hope you enjoyed thisĀ Central Park Winter Wonderland Engagement Session and got some ideas and inspirations.

If you’d like more info please contact me!

Would love to hear what you have planed for your wedding.