Sharda and Kennys Nikah was so beautiful!

These two are always just full of laughs, easy going and a joy to photograph. I document their Nikkah ceremony for 2 hours and captured the other wedding festivities like the reception the following day. So keep a look out for lots more fun photos of these two lovebirds!

sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0019 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0018 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0017 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0016 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0015 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0014 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0013 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0012 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0011 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0010 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0009 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0008 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0007 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0006 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0005 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0004 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0003 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0002 sharda-and-kenny's-nikkah_0001

I hope you enjoyed Sharda and Kennys Nikah and got some ideas and inspirations.

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