Such a fun New York City Portrait Session!

We went to multiple landmark spots throughout New York for 3 hours. Because we started early on a weekend (8.30am-11.30am) there were virtually no people around. That is an especially rare thing for Central park. It’s usually always packed when I’m there.

So us early birds started at Central Park. Cabbed it down to Grand Central Terminal before taking the subway to Times Square. For the last stop we rode the subway to my favorite spot, Dumbo!

Always love taking couples all over New York for a fun portrait session!

new-york-city-portrait-session_016 new-york-city-portrait-session_015 new-york-city-portrait-session_014 new-york-city-portrait-session_013 new-york-city-portrait-session_012 new-york-city-portrait-session_011 new-york-city-portrait-session_010 new-york-city-portrait-session_009 new-york-city-portrait-session_008 new-york-city-portrait-session_007 new-york-city-portrait-session_006 new-york-city-portrait-session_005 new-york-city-portrait-session_004 new-york-city-portrait-session_003 new-york-city-portrait-session_002 new-york-city-portrait-session_001

I hope you enjoyed the photos and got some ideas and inspirations.

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