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I went down to Dominica in December to visit a good friend and fellow photographer. Always been wanting to go and this was a good time to escape the snow in NYC. While I was there I sneaked in a Dominica Engagement session with her sister and soon to be brother in-law. I had so much fun with these two and loved walking around her uncles property and snapping away.What an amazing island! I’m sad I can’t be there for their wedding in April but can’t wait to see photos. Her sister will be taking some of the wedding photos.

P.S. Its not the Dominican Republic but Dominica. This small island with a population of just 70,000 is between Antigua and St. Lucia. I spent about 8 days there and loved it. Its very different from a lot of the other islands. It doesn’t have white sand beaches and is very mountainous and has 365 lakes!

I hope you enjoyed Dominica Engagement Session and got some ideas and inspirations.

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